Friday, July 13, 2018

#0176 "A Misty Morning at Paul's Tree"

Another memory from 1987
The fog was lifting during the early morning hours at our campsite on the "small" island on Bass Lake, Restoule in July 1987. Paul Bartlett, my canoe buddy really liked that particular tree. The location was the same rocky point employed in several other paintings: Number 0158 Bass Lake, Restoule and Number 0159 Paul's Tree among several others.

The pattern of ripples on the lake was a combination of wind waves and diffraction and reflection of those waves around the two points of land. Gravity and the shorelines weave quite a pattern on the surface of the lake.
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Thursday, July 12, 2018

#0175 "Bass Lake Sunset"

This is a sparkling sunset on Bass Lake, Restoule in July 1987. The evening light always has something to offer for a painting. There was a lot of ripple wave action because of the rocky point on which I was standing. This was the same rocky point employed in several other paintings.

The bands of altocumulus clouds might looked to be arranged quite chaotically but actually are distributed by subtle circulations in the atmosphere. The shapes of these cloud edges reveal the relative winds in the atmosphere which in turn reveal the weather. A summer storm was on the way.

This is a skyscape even though the horizon may be high on this canvas. The painting is all about the clouds and their colours and the reflections in the water of Bass Lake.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

#0158 "Bass Lake, Restoule"

This was looking west on a misty morning in July 1987 from our campsite on the "small" island in the eastern sections of Bass Lake of Restoule Provincial Park in July 1987. The pair of loons were approaching to make a "swim-past". They were unsuccessful at nesting and did not have any chicks with them. Floating nesting platforms are really required to counter the changing lake levels in the spring when loons and other shoreline nesters are trying to incubate their eggs.

The island was excellent for fishing but you had to fish on the leeward side with worms (live-bait).Our modern technology didn't seem to work.

I would have painted this in the Studio Under the Stairs in our home on Western Avenue in Schomberg, Ontario. Scene location N46.122324 W79.791819.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

#0159 "Paul's Tree"

Another memory from 1987...
This is looking northwest from our campsite on the "small" island in the eastern sections of Bass Lake of Restoule Provincial Park in July 1987. I watched a large largemouth bass in the lily pads. The bass vanished when I flicked in a lure. There was a nearby gull that had a pair of youngsters that squawked incessantly for food.

By the way, this tree was a favourite of my canoeing buddy. The large pine had been dead for a long time and was possibly the victim of a long ago lightning strike. There were some other dead stumps along the shore line but none quite as large.

A convective wind had come up and blown my canoe off the granite point vantage point of this painting. I dove in but the wind kept the floating canoe just inches out of reach. I chased that canoe across the lake to the northeastern shore of Bass Lake. It was a nice swim. Thankfully this was not one of the larger lakes on our trip.
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Saturday, July 7, 2018

#0168 "The Soccer Coaches - Schomberg"

A great memory from 1987... full of laughs and smiles...
There appeared to be a break in the action during the school day evening soccer match. I was a parent coach and quite happy if the kids were just having fun and running in the right direction. It is harder to accomplish than it looks. My kids were in red. This was just down the back hill from our home on Western Avenue.

Apparently soccer is the most played game in the world. It only requires a ball to kick around a field. It may have started more than 2000 years ago in ancient China. Greece, Rome, and parts of Central America also claim to have started the sport. Apparently it was England that transitioned soccer or what many people call "football" into the game we were playing on the pitch in Schomberg. The English are created the first rules for the sport including forbidding the tripping of opponents and touching the ball with hands.

The people were all giggling at some story. The chip truck was parked in the traditional spot in the background.
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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

#0124 "Summer Recess Near Rosemont"

Summer holidays... 1983....
This was a summer afternoon at an old school on Highway Number 89 just to the west of Rosemont, Ontario. We were on our way to Meaford late in the summer of 1983...long before we moved to Schomberg.

This school was on a windy high point of land and commanded a view for many miles in all directions. Generations of farm kids would have walked uphill to this school. The trip home had to be down hill. It would have been an exaggeration to claim the the journey to and from school was all uphill. Highway 89 would have been a dirt road in those times but in 1983 it was a busy paved highway.

I would have painted this in the back corner gallery of the basement which also served at the guest room. The north light was filtered by the back deck that overhung the poured cement walk out area. The light for painting was very good.
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Monday, July 2, 2018

#0525 "Shoal Lake - Granite Shore"

This is Canada...
This is the southerly end of Shoal Lake as it appeared during the fishing trip to Shoal Lake from our home base on Bass Lake of Restoule Provincial Park. The granite shore is to the right as you face the creek leading to the Bass Lake portage. My canoe buddy and I joked that we should be the custodians of the lake and that the ranger's cabin could be on this granite point. It would have been a pretty spot to live.

Every blank canvas is another chance to learn something new. This painting flowed as easily as my Kevlar canoe.
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#0176 "A Misty Morning at Paul's Tree"

Another memory from 1987 The fog was lifting during the early morning hours at our campsite on the "small" island on Bass Lak...