Sunday, August 26, 2018

#2099 "Singleton Cold Front Showers"

May 15th, 2018... This is the paired painting with #2100 "Singleton Islands". The subject, palette and paint surface were all the same.
I like overcast skies. The clouds protect me from the sun. The heavy rain was becoming more showery in nature and I suspected that the cold front was near. A wood duck house at the far end of our property needed some repair so I headed out with the parts to fix it. The waters of Singleton Lake were initially calm but by the time I reached Point Paradise a brisk northwesterly wind had developed behind the cold front. The last kilometre of the paddle to the duck house was all against a steady wind.
This is the view from the northern marsh looking southwest along the length of Singleton Lake. The trailers and cottages can be seen on the western shore as jabs of colour. The natural shore line we keep for the wildlife is the complete eastern shore of Singleton Lake. Pine Island which I have painted several times is almost in the middle with the tall trees poking into the skyline. Both bays to the east and west of Pine Island have shores that are further away and more muted in colour due to Mie scattering. The turbulent stratocumulus were full of life and wind. Every line has a story to tell. The white line of glint was even evident on the far shore.

I had a lot of fun on this very rough panel. The coarse panel is very hard on the brushes but that is the price to pay for this art.
 For this and much more art...

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