Sunday, May 6, 2018

#0044 "Harvest's Over"

This was artistic journey step number 44 from the winter of 1976-1977. This would have been painted in the apartment at 155 Antibes Drive in Toronto while I was on Meteorological Orientation Course 33. That was where I was first exposed to the wonder of the weather and meteorology. My favourite nuclear physics professor  remarked "why would you want to do that Phil?" He really wanted me to go to Grad School and then to Chalk River. You can only ride one horse at a time and the weather was certainly a different animal from what I had been doing. I walked across country to the headquarters of the Atmospheric Environmental Service Headquarters on Dufferin Street for the daily classes.
This is a somewhat deserted barn and lane way somewhere on the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario... I was lost. A neighbouring farmer was still taking the hay off the land. The roof of the house was starting to sag. The farmer who built the fence went really heavy on the cedar posts for the all important corner. They knew what they were doing in order to make it last.

The thin veil of cirrostratus heralded a summer low pressure area. It was a good time to get the hay into the barn. It looks a though the farmer had succeeded or maybe it was Sunday and that is a good day to rest.

If you are out on a Sunday drive and do not want to get lost, my Dad would always say not to go through the back of a stop sign. I did... and got somewhat lost. This was long before the advent of GPS navigation.
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