Saturday, October 21, 2017

#1993 "Land Breeze Cumulus over Chantry"

This is the third demonstration piece for the Southampton Art School's Wind Waves and Weather 2017. We had a full and eager list of participants. A day at the beach is always full of inspiration. I was on the beach by 8 am and the families and children arrived by mid morning. Everyone seemed o enjoy sharing the beach with the dozen plein air artists.

The longer August nights and the weak gradient flow of the ridge of high pressure favoured the drainage flows of the land breezes from the heights of the Bruce Peninsula. The land breeze circulation create the bands of cumulus over the warm waters of Lake Huron. As I painted, these cumulus clouds drifted inland on the elevated return circulation aloft. The flip-side lake breeze circulation developed by late morning and tore these cumulus clouds into shreds. The lake breeze cumulus formed inland but some bands of cloud stretched out over the water along what I believe were low level deformation zones formed between the minor pressure centres within the large ridge of high pressure.
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