Monday, October 30, 2017

#2003 "Killbear Kilcoursie Bay Sunrise"

I was up at 6:30 am and painting by 7 am. I drove to Kilcoursie Bay of Killbear Provincial Park. There was no one around. It was very quiet. This sandy beach was very handy to the Beaver Dams Lane that accessed the camp sites.

A seagull tried to mooch something but I didn’t have anything suitable to give. It friends also arrived but there was still nothing to share - but I had company. The sun was rising over Lighthouse Point so I started to work with my feet almost in the water. I was looking southeasterly along the length of the Killbear Provincial Park southwestern shore. The morning light always changes quickly but it is the best time of the day to paint – especially on small panels. There is no need to worry about the light as it is fleeting anyway. The gull and its friends gave up on me and I was all alone again. This small and very rough panel took in a lot of paint.
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