Thursday, November 9, 2017

#2012 "Arrowhead Sunrise Sea Smoke and Altocumulus

I was up early at Arrowhead to catch the morning light. The cold Arctic air had really arrived in the wake of Wednesday's cold front. The temperature was only plus 3 Celsius. It was a bit chilly in the tent. The high strands of cirrus were brilliantly illuminated by the rising sun. Dark and backlit turbulent stratocumulus were billowing over the ridges in the strong northerly flow. I knew I had to get out of the wind in order to paint so I set up on the sand beach in the lee of the forest. It was cold enough to see my breadth. Arctic sea smoke was boiling off the warm waters of Arrowhead Lake. My hands did get cold and that prompted me to work quickly. Pine seeds were blowing in the winds and getting mixed into the oils where I left them. They added texture to the paint on this very smooth panel. This is not an abstract work. I painted what was there and what I saw.
This view is looking eastward to the bay on the southeast flank of Arrowhead Lake. Canada geese landed in and wanted to take over the beach. A pack of wolves were howling on the far shore. I had heard them howl during the night and they were still active. They were not very far away. A beaver swam by just 30 feet away and did not pay any attention to me. I kept expecting it to slap its tail and the intruder but it never did. A couple of commarants were also actively fishing.

The sun was not above the horizon so I could do this painting looking into the light. When the sun cleared the hill the wildlife all went to bed and everything was quiet again.
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