Thursday, December 21, 2017

#2045 "Opinicon Cabin Through the Oaks"

The new owner gave me a tour of the Opinicon Lodge and briefed me on all of the work that had been done. It is always harder and more costly to repair existing structures. Our talk reminded me of my good friend George Craib who took time on a spring evening to come up and visit Linda and I. He offered to blend the old farm house and to give us the chance to start from scratch. He was right of course. We were in a bit of a corner but looking back, his advice was wise and sincere. We should have followed it.

This is the view from the southern edge of the Opinicon looking northward through the shore line trees toward the Lodge. The late morning sun was in the southern sky and as high as it gets on the last day of meteorological fall. Meteorological winter begins on December first.  The difference is between meteorological and astronomical winter is that astronomical is based on the location of the earth with respect to the sun. Meteorological winter is defined by the coldest 3-month period of the year. The shadows were long. It was windy and cold and I decided to play with the oils in the studio instead of being buffeted by the chilly winds and rain showers.

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    1. Thank you so much Bob... I love the winter weather when I don't have to drive :>))


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