Thursday, January 11, 2018

#0606 "Lines"

Sketched Friday, January 10, 2003... This is a tangled cedar rail fence overgrown in a maple forest. It could be anywhere - even at Singleton Lake - but it is not. I think it is in the forests on top of the Oak Ridges Moraine but I honestly forget.

The wire fencing had long ago rusted away with only pieces hanging to the maple in the foreground. The leading lines are everywhere in the woods. Strong diagonal and even disjointed horizontal lines break up the equally strong vertical lines. The title came to me and I was thinking of the "5 Man Electrical Band" song "Signs".

Lines, lines everywhere a line,

Breaking up the scenery, breaking my mind,

Do this - don't do that! Can't you read the line ...

The song works for me in a twisted way. I was planning on painting outside but the windchill was enough to freeze one to the bone. This is from a series of photos I took in the backfields. Walking through these woods is tough with prickly ash always there to tangle and trip. The canvas had been primed with a medium-dark coat of raw sienna.
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