Tuesday, January 30, 2018

#2055 "Cirrocumulus Afternoon Paddle"

From Thursday January 11th, 2018.... based on a late October paddle...
There is nothing quite like a late season paddle. Singleton Lake was very quiet except for the ducks and the solitary loon - the offspring from the Singleton loons. The parents had left for warmer climes back in mid September leaving the two juveniles to fend for themselves. Apparently the lake can only support a limited number of feeding loons and this early departure of the parents is their way of making it easier for the kids. In a few weeks the migrating mergansers would arrive and stay for weeks until freeze-up. The mergansers seem to have no problem finding a food supply. When the lake ices over the otters move in and seem to have no difficulty at all in finding fresh fish for their six meals a day.

The cirrocumulus sky was the harbinger of the warm conveyor belt and an autumn storm. The speed of the approach of this storm nearly matched the winds in the cold conveyor belt being drawn into it. The net winds at the surface were near zero. The calm waters of Singleton Lake always seduces me away from whatever chores I feel that I should be doing. I rarely turn down opportunities like these.

The cirrocumulus cloud elements were lumpy and nearly opaque. There was another layer of higher cirrus associated with the warm conveyor belt and it was nearly invisible unless you were looking for it.
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