Wednesday, February 28, 2018

#0049 "Road to Phillipsville"

From Spring 1977...
The road between Toledo and Phillipsville, Ontario, is shaded by old maples on both sides for about a quarter mile section. The leaves were just beginning to unfurl in the spring of 1977. I wonder if that fence line is still there?
I had been painting for a year after the passing of my friend and mentor Mario Airomi. It was challenging to find any time to paint but it was an importnat effort for me. I was finding my way after marrying in 1975 and graduating from Queens and Honours Physics (Nuclear 1976). Life was very good with the new science and occupation of meteorology firmly underway as well. I was on a brief leave before reporting to my first posting at CFB Shearwater in Nova Scotia just east of Dartmouth on the Atlantic shore. I was driving down in the 1975 Malibu with just enough stuff to setup the apartment. Life was very good.
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