Thursday, February 1, 2018

#2057 "Deformation Cirrus"

Singleton Lake at 8:50 pm July 28th, 2017 ...
I was out for an evening paddle. Fair weather was certainly on the way with a large high pressure centre. Those elongated bands of cirrus are frequently found just downstream from a large summer high. This moisture was all that remained of the summer trough that had just passed by with some cloud and showers. Large vortices in the atmosphere stretch and shape these wisps of ice crystals. The spinning wheels within the atmospheric frame of reference card the tufts of moisture into a fabric that reveals the atmospheric circulations as those wheels drift along. The circulations themselves simply drift along with the average flow. The deviations of the flow from this mean translation is what ultimately shapes the clouds. Every cloud has a story to tell and these were saying that they were not leading the warm conveyor belt.
The cirrus might be tinted red but these were not part of an advancing warm conveyor belt. As a result there was no one need take any fright from these clouds and this is an exception to "red clouds at night, sailors take fright".

The two loon chicks were feeding voraciously with a lot of help from their devoted parted. It was a beautiful paddle for sure.

These very rough panels really grab on to the paint and are tough on the brushes. I do like the highly sculpted surface of the brush strokes though.
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