Monday, March 12, 2018

#2069 "Flooded Land Wood Duck Drake"

Very wet painting just off the easel...

I have several trail cameras around the Singleton property. It is interesting to see what is enjoying the forest and lakes with us. This particular camera was set about four feet above the ground on a trail that I suspected was frequented by the bobcat and wolf. I was even hoping to get a glimpse of the cougar that was reputed to be in the area. The spring flood of 2014 almost drowned the camera. I did manage to get some nice images of some very relaxed and content ducks. This wood duck drake was probably born in one of the twenty wood duck houses that are scattered around the wetlands.
The flooded wetland floated several large logs and changed the landscape for a while. Ducks, turtles, frogs and a host of other creatures used these logs to bask on.

I used a lot of paint on this particular canvas.

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