Friday, April 6, 2018

#0544 "Home is Where the Art is"

Another older painting from the very crest of the Oak Ridges Moraine at Watershed Farm  just a week after 911...
Looking east-northeast from the hill immediately behind the home on Watershed Farm near midday on Monday September 17th,2001. This would have been my Dad's 77th birthday. An artist friend dropped by for a visit and had the afternoon to paint which is just what we did. My artist friend  painted a very similar composition and we wanted to compare how they would turn out.

In the In Progress photo below all you can see is the blur of the family Chesapeake in motion as she played around us.
It was a beautiful sunny afternoon with increasing amounts of cirrostratus in advance of a little low pressure area. The honey bees were really working the goldenrod and the air was alive with various insects. The work is very loose but I was happy with it.
 For this and much more art ...

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