Sunday, April 15, 2018

#2074 "Spring Snow Long Reach"

Winter storms can be beautiful if you get to stay at home... no travelling in dangerous conditions...
The winter storm foretold by the sky of #2073 "March Snow Virga" had arrived a delivered more than 20 centimetres of heavy and wet snow over the course of almost three days. It was beautiful since I stay home all of the time anyway. On the morning of Friday March 9th I went for a long walk in the morning and captured as much inspiration as I could before the strong March sun and the wind removed it from the heavily laden trees. The snow was not going to hang around for long so to speak. Technically this was still a winter storm but the birds and other wild life think that spring has already arrived. Who am I to disagree?

This particular scene is looking across the outflow of Jim Day Rapids and downstream along Long Reach. I have painted this before but every day is different. The variation in colour was low in this back lit painting so I had to rely on value. The thick and heavy brush strokes were used to create a rhythm to draw the eye into and through the scene. I always struggle with these inventions as it is easier to paint exactly what one sees.

Some of the snow stuck to the rough bark of the soft maples. Cotton balls of snow were clinging to the open tops of weeds that lined the water front. The snow covered marble humps along the far shoreline were like stepping stones leading the eye down Long Reach. The drooping boughs of the white pines and the spindly branches of the maples were used to keep the eye from escaping out of the plane of the painting.

The brush strokes were bold and designed to keep the eye moving. The Long Reach current make look more like a waterfall. It was fun. Art should never be dull.
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