Sunday, August 12, 2018

#2085 "Dead Pine Island"

From April 2018...
The precipitation band of #2084 "Early Morning Rain" had moved through but a second band was coming. I decided to go for a paddle between these rain bands. It takes a couple of hours to paddle around Singleton Lake.

This is the view looking southeastward toward what I refer to as Pine Island in the southwestern corner of Singleton Lake. I liked the look of the erect dead pine. The other pines were not doing so well either. Everything was fairly dark since the scene was backlit but this suited the colours that I knew I had left on my palette. I highlighted the virga in this painting.

I enjoyed the paddle and got back just as the first large convective rain drops splattered on the sidewalk. It did not really matter if I got wet or not.

I used a lot of very old oils on this very rough panel.
 For this and much more art...

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