Tuesday, August 21, 2018

#2094 "Mallorytown Landing Reach"

Started 12:15 pm Wednesday May 9th, 2018.

The skies were almost clear. Some cumulus were developing along the extension of the Lake Ontario lake breeze that was pushed southeastward into New York State. A large area of cirrostratus was invading at the same time from the west. There were no cumulus clouds under this cirrus and west of the associated deformation zone. This phenomenon happens frequently because the slight reduction in daytime heating due to the thin cirrostratus is all that it takes to shut down the generation of cumulus. The high level water vapour imagery reveals the thin cirrostratus much better than the mid level water vapour imagery. The absence of cumulus cloud within the area shaded by the cirrostratus was revealed by the visible satellite imagery for the same time.
I wanted to do another demonstration. I had be circulating all morning among the TIFFA participants offering suggestions and encouragement. I thought they might enjoy their lunches while I painted. I set up in the large gazebo in the shade from the midday sun. The light was not great to see the colours but I did my best looking out the open archway. A vacationing couple from Kelowna listened in... I think they wanted to also visit the Singleton Gallery.

This view is looking southward through the arch at some trees which were just starting to leaf out. Grenadier Island was well to the south.

The black flies and midges were out but nothing was biting. It was a beautiful day and thank you to the Thousand Islands Fine Art Association for believing the forecast and moving the planned outing one day ahead in order to avoid the cold front, rain and winds of Thursday. That forecast verified very well.
 For this and much more art...

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