Sunday, November 5, 2017

#2008 "Killbear Flagged Tree Point"

After completing #2007 "Killbear Scott Island", I simply turned to look southeastward toward "The Tree". There was a concrete boat ramp on the eastern flank of these beaches and this is where I parked. I painted in the shade of a flagged white pine. There were a few cumulus clouds as the convective temperature for the day had been reached. The main story was frontal cloud on the southern horizon. These clouds provided the backdrop for the characteristically flagged trees on the exposed granite point. This point is also where I saw the rather large fox snake.

The flagged Tree is quite possibly the most photographed individual tree in Canada if not the world. I will paint that tree someday but not today.
I was still chuckling about Tom Thomson arriving to do the special guest presentation at the Killbear Amphitheatre. I scratched my signature into the thick wet paint on the smooth and slippery panel.
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