Wednesday, November 15, 2017

#2018 "Historic Woolen Mill"

This was late morning of the second day of the Paint the Town Kingston in association with the International Plein Air Painters World Wide Paint Out. After completing #2017 "God Speed" I headed 50 feet to the north and the shoreline of the large bay that stretched south from the shores of the Woolen Mill. This provided a long range look at the historic building. The humm of the car tires travelling over the steel bridge of La Salle Causeway carried across the water and provided the sound track to the painting. The Woolen Mill was declared an historic building on May 12, 1987. The elevated stable layer of an approaching warm from was revealed by the flat and grey bands of altostratus in the northern sky. More weather was on the way.
The Woolen Mill is a 19th-century building, and such structures were built to last. This four-storey red brick building was constructed in 1882 when a group of Kingston businessmen needed a place in which they could produce cloth. The building was erected on 'Farm Lot A' on a bank of the Cataraqui River known as the 'Inner Harbour'. It functioned as a cotton mill for the Kingston Cotton Manufacturing Company for about 50 years. The City of Kingston purchased the property in the dirty thirties with the intention to run it as a woolen mill under lease to the Hield Bros. of England. The mill thrived through and beyond the depression and the war. It wasn't until 1966 when synthetic fabrics gained momentum that the mill closed. Three years later St. Francis Developments took over and the building began undergoing renovations to divide the open-concept building into office spaces for multiple businesses.
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