Saturday, November 18, 2017

#2021 "Incognito Tug"

This was the sunrise of the third day of the Paint the Town Kingston in association with the International Plein Air Painters World Wide Paint Out. The sun had just cleared the Thousand Islands and the shadows were very long indeed.
I visited the same tugboat from the previous evening and as painted in #2020 "Tug with No-name". I positioned myself about 20 yards further to the east along the wharf. I did not want to be in anyone's way when they came into work. I was all alone when I started to paint. My friend Jim Murtha suggested "Tuggy McTugFace" as the name of this boat...

This time I imagined that the tug was undercover and thus incognito - as having one's true identity concealed - a James Bond and Ian Fleming spy tug. This could certainly be true as there must be a good story behind a boat that looked as liked this one as though it had been through the wars. No one I spoke to could either knew or could divulge the story.
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