Thursday, November 23, 2017

#2026 "Killarney Point Flagged Pines"

After completing #2025 "Killarney White Pine"  I simply turned my easel clockwise another 25 degrees thus keeping the sun on my right shoulder.  The 2017 Southampton Art School Annual Adventure was carrying on the legacy of my friend and artist Jane Champagne and this is something Jane would have done. This was the third demonstration painting and I wanted to reinforce the truth that subject matter and inspiration were everywhere.

I had painted these trees and granite point before. #0840 "Killarney Rocks!" and #0914 "Mourning Granite" while #0915 "Killarney Point- The Phlip Side" reveals the other side of the rocky point. There are probably other paintings as well of this important Killarney landmark located at the eastern entrance to Killarney Channel. The waters of Shebahonaning were like rough. Killarney's original name was Shebahonaning and it means "safe canoe passage"

The cirrus cloud revealed the location of the jet stream and foretold the wet weather that was on the way. Note the cumulus towers poking upward from the band of altostratus. These are called altocumulus castellannus and are essentially towering cumulus based in the free atmosphere. The water level was higher than in previous years.
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