Monday, March 19, 2018

#0249 "Sunset's Lost Horizon"

This is from 1989... while working at the Ontario Weather Centre... I had returned to 12 hour shift work after a stint at Training Branch.  I was able to return to my painting a bit more.
Looking west from Schomberg in December 1989 at a bank of stratocumulus. The distant horizon just gets lost in the clouds!

Stratocumulus clouds are intrinsically linked to the earth. Interchanges of heat and moisture and momentum between the atmosphere and the soil are further complicated by terrain induced upslope and downslope effects. Heating from the sun over a variable surface further complicates the lowly stratocumulus clouds. One meteorologist I know referred to stratocumulus as garbage cloud unable to grasp the information available from the various cloud shapes. In fact there is much to be learned from observing this lowly but beautiful cloud. One just needs to keep an inquiring mind open to all of the possibilities.

There were no housing developments in 1989.
 For this and more art...

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