Sunday, March 18, 2018

#2072 "March Sunset Ice on Fire"

I never get tired of the Singleton sunsets. Every sunset is different. The sky, the clouds and the lake are big variables that always keeps things different. The palette and the type of the painting surface are also big variables to be reckoned with. The position of the setting sun was progressively moving northward every day. The sun pillar in the painting showed that on March 4th, 2017 the sun was setting behind the forest on Point Paradise of Singleton Lake.
The subtle banding in the altostratus clouds was the result of the deformation zone process and not gravity waves and strong winds aloft. Singleton Lake was sandwiched between two very large storms and equally extensive deformation zones. This cloud was the hang back from the storm over the eastern seaboard. Some of the thicker bands of altostratus produced snow virga. The virga diffused and softened the banding in the bottoms of the middle cloud. Not a flake reached the ground at Singleton Lake. The skies were clear on the distant horizon.
I used a lot of paint on this slippery and smooth surface. It was fun as art should be.
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