Saturday, March 17, 2018

#2071 "Tuesday Sunset"

I had some time to paint. This was the sunset from Tuesday January 16th, 2018. Ontario was in the midst of a cold spell with fresh Arctic air being directed southward fresh from the North Pole. At one time the open water of Jim Day Rapids could be measured by just a few square metres. The flat and wavy tops and bottoms of the altostratus cloud revealed the strong northerly winds. Even the colours were cold.
The inclusion of Tuesday in the title was meant to be a bit humourous since the day of the week has nothing to do with the appearance of the sunset. The month might give the season away and reveal a bit about what type of sky to expect. Regardless I thought that the sunset was beautiful and this led me to think of the old rythme about Tuesday's child being full of grace. I had fun with lots of oil on the slippery surface. The surface type greatly influences the feel of the oils.

At one time I signed my name large like my mentor Mario Airomi. Over the years I have changed that so that my signature is only an inconspicuous portion of the art... often scratched in the thick and wet oils with a stick, tooth pick or nail. The art really needs to be more about the quality than the signature... just my opinion though.
 For this painting and more art as well...

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