Wednesday, April 4, 2018

#0361 "Jo-Boo"

Another great memory.. the feline friend to our Chesapeake...
This is our Maine Coon Cat snuggled on our end table but focusing on a fly or something. We picked the kitten most like our daughter... a lot of personality and fond of potato chips... especially cheese flavoured.

The Maine Coon cat is named after the character in the movie Major League. The slugger Pedro Cerrano (Dennis Haysbert) tried to turn around the Indians fortune with a voodoo doll in the clubhouse, a scraggly chap named named Jobu who likes to smoke cigars and drink rum.

She had webbed feet and actually walked like a raccoon which fooled me on several locations. She was the feline Queen of the property. Once in the parlour of the barn she established her regal position by sending a dozen or more barn cats to the safer outer perimeter. It happened so fast that all I experienced was the flashing of fur and the screeches of chastised felines. A few seconds later Jo-Boo remained on her throne in the middle of the parlour with the other cats on the support beams out of harms way.
This Maine Coon Cat was special. She grew up with the family Chesapeake and thought of herself more as a dog than a cat. The Chesapeake in turn groomed herself more like a cat than a dog. They were inseparable. The Maine Coon cat would go for extended walks with us. She would talk when she needed to be carried. She also painted with me curling up under the easel. We had her or she had us for almost seventeen years. She is still missed.
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