Sunday, April 8, 2018

#0364 "Jazzmin"

More memories from Watershed Farm and 1993...
The family Chesapeake, Jazzmin as a puppy during the summer of 1993 when we were busy renovating the abandoned farm house on the 12th Concession of King Township. The Chesapeake would have the free run of Watershed Farm. The big paws on the puppy revealed that she would grow into a much larger adult. She was smart and learned fast. The Chesapeake was a gift from my Brother to his Nephew. She grew into a cherished member of the family and provided hours of entertainment.
I used to save cardboard boxes for projects. The Chesapeake had a special dislike of cardboard boxes perhaps relating to her living quarters during her first week or so with us. I would often find these boxes shredded to bits on the front hill - her revenge I guess. I painted the Chesapeake many times.
 For this and much more art...

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