Saturday, April 21, 2018

#2080 "Heavy Snow March"

The last snow painting for the winter of 2017-2018... promise...
It had snowed hard overnight. About 25 centimetres of wet and heavy snow had accumulated. The depth of the snow would have been double that if the flakes had remained as frozen dendritic aggregates. The snow accumulated on the trees in a characteristic way and that was the reason for this painting and the following series of snow studies. As well snow is not just white but takes on the values and colours of the environment. I took a nice walk along Long Reach Lane to capture the fleeting moments.

This particular stand of trees was on the north side of Long Reach Lane about a kilometre past the fork to the Singleton Studio. The boughs were heavily laden by the wet and clingy March snow. The interior forest was dark in the early morning light. The skies were overcast nimbostratus and some light snow was still drifting down at one metre per second.
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