Saturday, June 30, 2018

#0540 "August Convection"

Looking due north from the top of the hill behind the home of Watershed Farm on the 12th Concession of King Township. The winds were light out of the west. The weakening August sun was creating low-topped cumulus mixed in with stratocumulus aligned with the stronger westerly winds aloft. The cloud bases were darker under the taller cumulus and also due to the lower sun angles. The lower buoyant energies available in August give these clouds a characteristic look although they were trying to grow. They were destined not to make it any bigger than you see in the painting.

Once again, the family Chesapeake was with me and I threw the ball most of the afternoon. I quit painting around 5.30 pm. There were billions of flying ants in clouds that drifted by the hill. Some found there way into the paint where they quickly got stuck. Some got blended into the oils, as there was no way to save them or get them out of the paint - thus they were mashed to become part of the pigment.

I had the speakers on at the back patio and painted to Jimmy Buffett as well as Lightfoot, George Fox, Willie Nelson and Paul Simon. Life is good.
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