Thursday, September 20, 2018

#2123 "Rocky Entrance to Gargantua Harbour"

Gargantua Light was important. Without that beacon it was easy for ships to find the rocks of the eastern shore of Lake Superior. The cold water, fog and other threats to navigation make Superior a challenge. The light house started in 1889 with Louis Miron in charge. Three generations of the Miron family kept the light going until 1949 when the automated beacon took over. Louis' son Charlie was the second lightkeeper starting in 1912 with his son Tom taking over the role in 1943. Apparently the lighthouse keeper's residence was the largest house in Gargantua. They rowed over to the island to keep the light on.

The very rough panel did not allow much detail which was fine by me. The strong northeasterly winds created gravity wave patterns in the altostratus. Waves were breaking on the rocky points of the island. I was protected from those winds by the tall forest to my back.
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