Wednesday, April 17, 2019

#2223 "Covey of Cattle"

These cattle belong to the Covey Family which has farmed the area since 1905 or so. Most people think of a covey as a flock of birds but the dictionary clearly describes the term as suitable for describing a small group of people or things. This covey of cows were happily munching away on a couple of 1100 pound round bales of hay. Each of these round bales would cost $50 if you wanted your own. The round bales are the bovine version of the human water-cooler. I can only imagine the conversations between these cows as they watched the traffic go by on Red Horse Lake Road. There were nine cows at this non-baleful bovine meeting. They were simply having a good chin wag as the virga wafted above them. The Holsteins on the right may look like twins. It is actually the same cow duplicated with a few subtle modifications.

I was on my way back home but stopped to visit with these bovines. They were always friendly and curious and I thought I could create something special out of the overcast nimbostratus day. The ground was snow-packed and the virga in the sky meant that more snow was on the way.

For this and much more art, click on Pixels. Thank you.
 For this and much more art, click on Pixels. Thank you.

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