Sunday, May 19, 2019

#2238 "Warm Sector Winds"

Strong southerly winds were ushering the stratocumulus across the lake. Turbulent mixing of the moist air mass resulted in uneven and ragged cloud bases and tops. There were several streets of stratocumulus within my view across the lake. I loved them all.
The cold front was on the western horizon but I could only tell that by looking at the radar. The horizon was quite bright but at the time I did not think to classify that as a change of air mass with the cold frontal surface. In any event I love remote sensing. One can see and understand the weather without getting exposed to the very real dangers that the elements can present. For example many people want to see a tornado before they die... but not just before they die. Remote sensing safely allows that.

The cold front went through shortly afterward. The rain became mixed with with snow and the howling winds lulled me to sleep. Life is good.

The light of clouds is elusive but worth the chase. One never knows how a canvas will evolve. I would have loved to do this en plein air but the rain showers and wind were enough to discourage me plus I was already tired from the days efforts of trail building.

For this and much more art, click on Pixels. Thank you.
 For this and much more art, click on Pixels. Thank you.

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