Friday, November 3, 2017

#2006 "Killbear Lookout Point Sunrise"

I was up again early on Wednesday morning and painting by 7:45 am. I thought that I had better be inspired by something other that shoreline rocks and flagged trees. I did not want to get into a rut.

The sun was just clearing the marsh and forest to the east of Killbear. The forest was backlit and in heavy shadows. This is an unusual composition from a plein air perspective. You never look into the light unless, sadly, you are on your way to the big easel in the sky. The shaded side of everything is what you must see from this perspective and that subject matter must be dark. If you look though, colour may still be seen in the shadows.
The Art and Science of Tom Thomson was the Killbear presentation for Tuesday evening. The young park assistant who made the advertisement for the KillBear Presentation did not know any of the Tom Thomson story. She was under the impression that Tom Thomson himself was delivering the evening's entertainment. Too funny, I can't make this stuff up.
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