Wednesday, May 9, 2018

#0067 "Lazy Summer Rowboat"

This was an inviting rowboat tied up to a dock in Chester, Nova Scotia in the early summer of 1978. The coastal waters would have still been very cold and almost any warm air mass would have been moist enough to have a dew point exceeding that chilly temperature by three degrees Celsius. But there was no coastal advection fog and the ocean was calm. The South Shore of Nova Scotia was especially beautiful. I liked how the sunlight sparkled through the holes in the wharf. This was also a very well maintained row boat.

I was still learning about the weather of the Maritimes and as much as I could about real meteorology. The science of fog was still elusive even if there had been a few successful forecasts. Never stop learning...

I would have painted this in the guest bedroom on the southwest corner of our apartment in the Woodlawn Mall area of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. My studio was in the extreme corner and the sewing area on the opposite wall when guests were not visiting.
 For this and much more art...

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